Will The Pope Resign In April? The Countdown Begins!

We are close to the middle of April. Many stated that the Pope may give his resignation in the middle of the month. If this is true, what is the proceedure? Has this ever happened before?

There’s been extreme pressure due to the attacks and controversies related to the pedophile priests scandal over the last few years. Pope Benedict made some of the most controversial decisions when he penned a letter warning the clergy to keep quiet about the now highly publicized child abuse cases. This letter, I’m sure, has been a thorn in the Vatican’s side for a while. The transferring of clergy from parish to parish, only tells us the dysfunction that lie also in the top levels of the Catholic Church that continue today. The thousands of children these clergy damaged, on the watch of our now Pope, something no one expected to encounter, coming from those who were appointed to be religious role models and who indirectly proclaimed a myth to be closer to God than their parishioners. What we found were men who needed severe psychiatric help. And what we know now, we are all just as close to God.

What 85 year old wants the huge responsibility of overseeing one of the largest institutions in the world? The Pope’s responsibilities seem daunting even though he has a huge staff of helpers.

We will see what April brings as alternative news has been publishing hundreds of arrests will occur within the highest ranks of govt, business, finance and religious orders. I’ve been skeptical but some incredible news came into my email today. Two of the wealthiest men in the world, billionaires, were arrested in Hong Kong in an investigation of a bribery case recently. They were taken into custody by the city’s Independent Commission Against Corruption. Is this the beginning of many more arrests?

Stay tuned in…

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