Whitney Houston Has Now Found The Greatest Love Of All!

Whitney Houston’s voice was coined angelic. I remember way back when, two of my children were involved in a play, at their school, that won a Disney contest and were chosen out of dozens of schools, in Calif, to perform at Disneyland. The theme song, “Greatest Love Of All.” When at DisneyLand, in one of their large conference rooms, looking upon the children on stage, as they belted out this incredible song,there was not a dry eye in the house. Whitney Houston, maybe without knowing the true effect, inspired many people, including children. I’m forever grateful! That song will continue to spark a rich and wonderful feeling within me, not only because it was a incredible moment in my children’s lives, I was blessed to be a part, but a song so extremely powerful, to this day brings tears to my eyes.

Part of Whitney’s destiny was her captivating musical voice. The other, spirituality. If she traveled down that holy path, things would of been much different. Drugs and alcohol open our souls to many undesirable things. And those things can take over one’s life in a big way. I personally feel this is what happened to this lovely soul.

It has been written that the days before Whitney’s passing, she was preoccupied and felt her time was coming to a close. Whitney could of developed her 6th sense throughout her life, but the mask of drugs and alcohol misdirects those who are thrown into that whirlwind of confusion.

Whitney’s musical effect on the masses has been quite evident in the days following her departure from this life to the next. She had her life review, in full 4d spectrum. I’m quite sure Whitney knows now what she missed and what she could of done better. She also witnessed the wonderful moments as she touched many lives. Even those small town schools, tucked away, surrounded by farm fields, who incorporated Whitney’s songs in their musical plays. Yes, she was probably shown snapshots. Spirits usually stay until they are buried. Whitney also witnessed the out pouring of those who honored her gift and I suspect it was a very emotional moment. She is now basking in “The Greatest Love All.”

May your new journey be one of wonder and learning, Whitney. Blessings.

Those who read this, please keep Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina in your prayers.

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