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Lightning Strikes Vatican After Pope’s Resignation…

So, we begin, “more to this story” from the last blog posting comment. Lightning strikes the Vatican hours after the Pope’s resignation? Maybe there’s more behind closed doors than we know and the Lord’s responding? http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/lightning-strikes-vatican-day-pope-1704295 And then there’s the resignation of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands as well as the auditing of the Queen [...]

The Last Pope, Petrus Romanus And The Next 90 Days?

Will there be one last Pope?  Information coming forth on the last Pope. ”Peter The Roman” is preparing. So they say.. While St. Malachy, a medeval monk, was in Rome, in 1139, he had visions that there would be 112 Popes. He had cryptically written brief descriptions on each Pope. Pope Benedict is the 111 Pope [...]

Will The Pope Resign In April? The Countdown Begins!

We are close to the middle of April. Many stated that the Pope may give his resignation in the middle of the month. If this is true, what is the proceedure? Has this ever happened before? There’s been extreme pressure due to the attacks and controversies related to the pedophile priests scandal over the last [...]

Resignation Of The Pope And Now The Archbishop of Canterbury?

First, the Pope stepping down in April— Now, at the end of 2012, the Archbishop of Canterbury, after a decade as a leader of Anglican Communion. Over 300 bankers world wide resigning too? What is going on? We are in for some unbelievable news coming? There’s been news floating through the airwaves that Timothy Geithner [...]