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Resignation Of The Pope And Now The Archbishop of Canterbury?

First, the Pope stepping down in April— Now, at the end of 2012, the Archbishop of Canterbury, after a decade as a leader of Anglican Communion. Over 300 bankers world wide resigning too? What is going on? We are in for some unbelievable news coming? There’s been news floating through the airwaves that Timothy Geithner [...]

Prediction on Pope Benedict’s Life?

A prediction was mady by Cardinal Paolo Romero, that the Pope would die within one year’s time. Cardinal Romero is the Archbishop in Palermo, Sicily. Cardinal Romero was in China last year. He mentioned this prediction to a group of Italian businessmen, along with church representatives from China. They all were totally blown away with [...]

The Supermoon Is On It’s Way!

The supermoon is coming on March 19th! They’ve said this is a more powerful full moon. We shall see. I read an article about Russian Scientists predicting another major quake coming to the Americas within the next few weeks. Namely coastal areas. Many have stated before me, this is the year of major earth changes. [...]