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Jesus Was Married?

New evidence came out recently that Jesus was married. An anonymous collector brought an ancient and faded papyrus to scholar Karen King. She then brought the script to the Institute for the study of Ancient World, at New York University, in Dec of 2011. The ancient papyrus mentions the following text that were just released. [...]

33 Chilean Miners, Will They Pass The Spiritual Test?

One year ago last month, a billion people were glued to their T.V’s to watch the most incredible international rescue to date. I took great interest in this rescue as it had so many amazing sign posts, not only for the miners but for humanity. The million dollar questions, will the 33 Chilean Miners be [...]

Holy Anointing Oils, God, Jesus, Moses And Mary Magdalene

I find it interesting, holy anointing oils aren’t talked or written about in religious circles. I wonder why? I received an e-mail from an acquaintance about 5 years ago regarding Spikenard Oil. He had a friend in Jerusalem who was selling this holy anointing oil. I had forgotten about these ancient oils until the e-mail [...]