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Two Tragedies Called Sandy…

  How can anyone make sense of what occurred a few days ago in Connecticut? Even the spiritually minded individuals are having quite a time with this sadness that took the lives of so many innocent people, including children who were new to this world, just six and seven years old. And, so very close [...]

A Leprechaun, in Abadiania, Brazil?

I began asking around for a massage therapist as my neck had been killing me and needed relief. One of the reasons I traveled to Abadiania, to seek a healing for an old neck injury from a car accident. As I stated in the last blog, no one in the states could assist me. I [...]

The Powerful Number 33 And The Chilean Miners.

The 33 Chilean miners trapped under thousands of pounds of rock seem to be very calm and quite organized even though the predicted rescue date for them is Dec 2010, four months from now! It has been stated, roles were handed to these 33 men, which could be a positive aspect, to keep them sane. [...]