Third Fatima Secret, Sister Lucia And The Secret Document

I haven’t been in the loop regarding the update of the 3rd secret of Fatima as I’ve been absorbed in other important directions. I’m quite surprised– on May 13th 2010, the Pope stated…

“Whoever thinks that the prophetic mission of Fatima is over, is DECEIVED.May these seven years that divide us from the centennial of the apparitions bring forth soon the FORESEEN TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY.”

Very interesting statement don’t you think? Does the Pope realize what he stated? Since “Our Lady” is the protector of children, I’m led to believe children will be the main focus again, moving forward. I feel something is brewing and the Pope had to come out with this statement, even though it contradicted past statements made by the Vatican. So many contradictions, it’s difficult to keep up! There’s something that will be revealed in 2011. It could be related to the alarming dream I had recently!

I was also fascinated with statements made by a Catholic Italian, Antonio Socci. He wrote about the Fatima secrets and the pedophilia scandal in April. I looked back to my past blogs. I wrote about this in March, before any one else, possibly connecting the two and the possible downfall of the church. I”m now feeling there’s much more to this story than what we currently know.

I repeat, something to open up regarding the 3rd Secret and the Church coming in 2011.

If the privileged few knew about the prophecy of Fatima way back when, why didn’t they listen? What else have they not listened to?

Now to my dream… It was about Sister Lucia, before she died. Sister handed an important document to a person to reveal at a later date. I feel this document may come to light in 2011. I was outside of this dream, looking in. Sister Lucia was very disturbed, how the secrets were handled and wanted to make sure the world would know the truth, when it was time. She was in seclusion for a very long time and pondered all of what went on in the church. It seemed she was told by “Our Lady” everything that has been hidden by the church. What got to her mostly, was the abuse and disregard of the children. With so many turning their backs, were just as guilty. It also seemed in the dream, she felt like the church has lost their way and Sister was quite sad about it. She was given instructions by “Our Lady.” She guided Sister all the way, who to trust, with the last of the secrets. It seemed, in the dream, sister Lucia tried to talk to the Pope and Cardinal (who now is the pope) about her concerns and what “Our Lady” revealed to her, but she knew at one point, it was a waste of time. It felt like the church didn’t want to listen, which now makes sense of what’s occurring. Her room was treated like a crime scene and maybe this is why.

Again, it’s no mistake “Our Lady” the protector of children, will be part of this unfolding story…

I’m in wonder if this is the info Wikileaks has promised to reveal?

Stay tuned in!

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