Resignation Of The Pope And Now The Archbishop of Canterbury?

First, the Pope stepping down in April— Now, at the end of 2012, the Archbishop of Canterbury, after a decade as a leader of Anglican Communion. Over 300 bankers world wide resigning too? What is going on? We are in for some unbelievable news coming?

There’s been news floating through the airwaves that Timothy Geithner was arrested, questioned by authorities and let go not to long ago.

A prediction was made back in Nov by Cardinal Paolo Romero, that the Pope would die within one year’s time. Cardinal Romero is the Archbishop in Palermo, Sicily. Could it be the reason the Pope is stepping down? Or, is it because of the extreme pressure due to the attacks and controversies related to the pedophile priests’ scandal over the last few years?

Will we ever know? They say this is the year of disclosure and this doesn’t only mean UFO, it’s any thing and every thing coming to the surface and fast.

Stay tuned in!

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