A Successor Named To Replace The Pope?

Cardinal Angelo Sodano, former Patriarch of Venice- has been named the successor for Pope Benedict? According to Cardinal Romeo, a new Pope has been named as far back as last Nov? Cardinal Sodano was the Archbishop of Milano and it’s been stated that diocese has almost 5 million followers. Cardinal Romero took a trip to China, in Nov and let the cat out of the bag or so it seems…

There’s so many inconsistencies within the walls of the Vatican as we have witnessed to date. Cardinal Carolo Maria Vigano, who is the General Secretary of the Vatican administration, has openly viewed his opinion in articles regarding the churches accounting system along with a lot of other things coming to the surface.

How many more Cardinal’s will come forward?

My last blog I asked what the procedures were regarding a resignation of a Pope? I didn’t recieve the complete answer yet, but I read if The Pope steps down, he’ll then become a Cardinal?

The rumor back in Nov about the assassination plot seems to be confirmed by Frederico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman.

Monday is the 15th and the Pope’s birthday…We shall see what unfolds!

Stay tuned in…

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