A Quickening- Mayan Calendar ends Oct 28,2011

A client of mine mentioned that he had a vision many years ago, and in this vision there would be” a quickening in the world.” I never heard this phrase back when he shared this and was fascinated and wanted to hear more. He told me that the world would be going through this incredible shift and there would be changes like we have never seen before. From earth changes, to financial crisis, to wars and lots of humans leaving the planet. Consciousness would rise to the point that old systems in the world would not sustain themselves. He had many other things to say but this is the gist of it. A year later, I heard someone else use this term and I took notice. Since then I’ve heard “quickening” many times. Interestingly, my client had a grasp on it way before most. Is this the beginning of the “Golden Age” of time?

We are in some wild times to say the least! I would of never guessed so many young people would come out to protest the unfair practices of those in control positions. It certainly has had unprecedented effects on most, which have been coined the 99%. All the young people I personally know, come off with a “seem to not care attitude.” And all of the young people I know don’t really have an opinion or want to get involved. Who are these twenty something kids, peacefully protesting on Wall Street and over 1500 cities across America? I like to know a few, to get into their heads and hear what they have to say! The “quickening” is effecting our young!

With the Mayan Calendar ending soon, I wonder what’s in store for us in the coming months?

I was talking to a friend yesterday and I mentioned the fact that our parents and grandparents were really clueless of what was really going on as the behavior among those behind the scenes have been running the show for generations. As I thought back to my parents and grandparents generation,what I observed and what was shared in long conversations among family it’s very clear the masses, back then were like sheep. I didn’t know any individualists. My family took what was told to them as truth, espy when it was communicated by someone with a following. It seemed no party jumped lines. And each had a strong opinion of the other and it seems this bickering still goes on today.

I remember way back when I was attending Catholic School. It was our usual confession time. I really didn’t understand why I had to tell a priest my sins but it was part of man made, religious ( I don’t believe in the sin the Catholic Church promotes. Sin is an ancient word that means “separating from our source.” This is the true meaning, in my opinion.) rules we had to follow,so it seemed. I really felt it was a waste of time sitting in a small booth, talking basically to a stranger, when I could confess to God myself. As I grew older, I did just that. I often wondered if the priest remembered all of the so called “sins” and prayed on each person’s behalf. What many still don’t understand , God knows absolutely everything one does. This has been revealed by millions of those who have had near death experiences. Everyone receives a life review. Nothing is hidden. Back then no one was over stepping lines regarding confession. When I shared this feeling way back when, those closest to me thought I was off my rocker. Now, more and more people have come to this place. I guess it’s time like many other things we are witnessing before our eyes.

Change is all around us!

Stay tuned in!

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