3rd Fatima Secret- 3 Days Of Darkness?

On June 4th, an article stating a Cardinal Bertone from the Vatican was on T.V. holding the original letter written by Sister Lucia, the last Fatima survivor. Why is this in the news, again?  The Catholic Church has mentioned over and over that the 3rd Fatima secret was fully disclosed but there are thousands, if not millions, who believe there’s more to be told. Will there be the three days of darkness ”Our Lady”  expressed to the three Fatima children in 1917?   If this comes to pass, what impact will it have on forcing the third secret forward if there’s more to share?

Our Lady revealed 3 secrets to 3 Portuguese shepherd children in 1917- at Fatima, Portugal, @ the zenith point of time, on the 13th day of May and every 13th day each month until Oct of that year. What’s so very fascinating, Pope Paul’s assassination attempt was also on the 13th and Sister Lucia also died on a 13th day. I believe 13 is a very significant number and the next 5 years will reveal more. And- was it a coincidence that the day the Pope laid in grave danger of dying, his blessed eyes focused on a small framed photo of “Our Lady”  of Fatima,” worn by someone who was part of the large crowd that gathered on that significant 13th day of May in 1981. If it was a photo of “Our Lady of Guadalupe”  or  “Our Lady of Medjugorje?” A few articles highlighted the Pope’s comments about “Our Lady’s” image miraculously standing behind this randomperson who wore the framed Fatima photo, Again, why the Lady of Fatima?

Time will tell if the Fatima prophecies are the most prolific of all times.

The question of the century- Why 3 children, 3 secrets, 3 days of darkness (why not 2 or 4?) and the significance of the 13 day, for six months, along with zenith time frame, the strongest placement of the sun-? And, is the significance of the sun’s odd behavior part of all of these questions?

The weather patterns continue to take lead for our attention.  Could it be the weather or the hostile behavior of certain groups that will escalate? We have 10 war ships in the Persian Gulf as I write this.  Yellow Stone Park has been on the list of areas to watch. If that volcano erupts, darkness will hit many areas of the U. S. I received an e-mail from a Stanford Professor who has been watching one of the major fault lines in Calif. He mentioned that this could burst at anytime soon. Are Californians ready? I doubt it. After I wrote, “How To Survive Without Water,”  which was confusingly inspired by the Katrina tragedy, I asked hundreds if they knew how to survive with little or no water? 99% answered NO. Still confused after I wrote this article,  most were not prepared in anyway. What’s wrong with this picture? Are people too busy with their material world to spend a few hours gathering water, food and learning about survival techniques? When their homes are in one big heap, will they begin to listen?

Stay tuned.


Cynthia M. Long

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